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Truth Speaking in a Mercury Retrograde

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

We find ourselves in another period of Mercury Retrograde, and this planet of communication is again calling for our attention. While we often fear Mercury Retrogrades for the chaos and breakdown in communications this can bring, these periods also come with important messages we are being asked to receive and act upon. What is the message this Mercury Retrograde is sending to you?

In my case it has asked me to catch up on some long overdue communication, including sending out this newsletter, which I have not done in far too long. I have been busy, I have procrastinated, I have not been inspired. Sound familiar? And yet there is often a deeper fear behind the communication lapses and breakdowns that are exposed during a Mercury Retrograde.

Why do we so often dread Mercury retrogrades? We fear our plans will go awry, our computers will breakdown, satellites will fall from the sky. We do not want to face the implications arising from past unresolved communication breakdowns. During a retrograde, these communication threads may re-surface in our consciousness, this time seeking resolution – the question is, will we work with or resist it?

The beautiful planet of communication is blamed, scapegoated, maligned, and feared. Is it because somehow, we cannot bear facing the truth of our inherent discomfort with honest communication? Would we rather avoid taking responsibility for how we are relating to one another, choosing to blame forces outside us, like Mercury going into retrograde, as the source of our breakdowns?

The debris swept under the proverbial rug is somehow exposed when Mercury does its moon-dance. Rather than thank the planet for helping us see what is ready to be cleaned up, we put on our armour and defend all that we have held within us.

Open, honest, communication. Why is this so hard? What are we afraid of?

Are we afraid of not being witnessed in our truth speaking? Do we fear that our version of events, our perspective on a matter, our experience, will be dismissed, or worse, not even considered?

Perhaps we are afraid of being seen in our vulnerability when we courageously speak our truth. Perhaps we fear of being shamed, convincing us it is better to stay silent. Have we convinced ourselves that our truth is in fact a lie, that others must know better after all?

Three times a year, Mercury goes into retrograde; three times a year we are invited to deeply reflect upon what is seething underneath the unexpressed truth or communication gone wrong.

The invitation is to become a champion to compassionately witness within ourselves all areas where truth got blocked – either by our own denial of it, our rejection of it or our fear of being seen in our truth.

Being seen in our truth also means bringing presence to our pain. We need Courage to face this pain.

Resonance Alchemy gives us many wonderful tools to bring presence to our pain, to face our fear and transform it, to know and stand firm in our deepest truths. The Resonance Alchemy Codons, sacred syllables that resonate with our innate divine blueprint, hold the frequencies we need to connect to our deeper truth and to find the courage for honest expression and communication.

ZEN BA LAR, the 10th thoracic codon, urges us to walk the path of the heart. It gently yet potently activates the courage to own our heart’s truthful message and to speak it, express it and most of all, love ourselves even more for it.

BA AM LOR, the Codon connected to the Hyoid bone, urges us to voice the resonance of our heart, to speak our truth, and to communicate that truth with love for ourselves and others.

This Mercury retrograde, lets reclaim our courage and bear witness to our Truth, the Truth of our hearts..

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