Resonance Alchemy

How You can Benefit:

Practitioners and clients alike have enjoyed the following benefits from Resonance Alchemy:

  • Emotional and mental opening and centering through Chakra balancing.

  • Meridian and Chi energy rebalancing for healthier body, mind and emotions.

  • Release of negative beliefs

  • Relief from symptoms of trauma and post-traumatic stress

  • Profound shifts in emotional and relationship issues

  • Physical relief for back, neck and spinal misalignment

  • Soul retrieval

  • Clearing past life karmic patterns

  • Realigning and strengthening your connection to your higher self

  • Profound spiritual awakening and development towards ascension

  • And much more!

What does

Resonance Alchemy mean?



The action of creating a sympathetic vibration and entrainment between two vibrating systems or fields, in which the more coherent and ordered field will always influence the less coherent, disordered field.



The process of profound transformation from a lower, more chaotic or disordered state into a higher, more organized state, as in the allegorical process of transmuting base metals into gold.

Together these two words: Resonance + Alchemy explain the coherence and uplifting vibrational support this transformational energy medicine process offers. Katherine Parker has translated the information given to her into understandable practices that offer profound relief to those suffering emotional, physical or mental issues.

RA reconnects you to the innate vibrational blueprint that informs your being of its optimal state of wellness at all levels. This re-connection allows your body and energy systems to heal naturally, as they were designed to do. When you lose your connection to this deeper intelligence, due to internal and external stresses, your energy fields become “out of tune” with your inner vibrational blueprint. Without this vital connection, your body/mind can no longer access its innate resources to maintain balance and vibrant health. Chronic pain, emotional and mental distress, and disease are the result.

The Resonance Alchemy Practitioner creates a resonant vibrational field through silent repetition of sacred healing codes, which work like a tuning fork to clear, energize and “retune” your body’s energy fields. This deeply relaxing process assists your own vital life energy to restore inner balance, supports and nurtures the natural healing process and catalyzes radiant personal growth.