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Trainings & Classes

Introducing the New
Resonance Alchemy 



Foundations is an introduction to Resonance Alchemy, a powerful and comprehensive system of healing, transformation and spiritual evolution channeled by Katherine Parker. This revolutionary frequency healing technique is a breakthrough in our understanding of the human energy system. It uses the healing power of inner sound vibrations, generated by a Galactic language of Sacred Seed Syllables, repeated as a silent mantra.  These powerful sacred frequencies, combined with a new understanding of our Divine Design, activate our higher dimensional DNA and bring our energy system back into resonance with our Divine Blueprint, restoring harmony, balance, inner radiance and greater well being. 

This work has such a loving vibration to it - I am always transmuted into such a loving space while studying it.  I love this work and always my meditations go deeper than usual.
~Kalia, Colorado

The FOUNDATIONS CLASS is a Self-Paced class.
It can be taken as a stand-alone or as a pre-requisite for all

Level 1, 2, and 3 Practitioner Trainings.

only $297 

*Intro Price ends JULY 11th 2024

Discover how to: 

• Raise your vibration

• Master your energy

• Release blockages

• Reach your highest potential!

We also recommend reading Katherine's book:​

I wanted to thank you for the syllables, they are changing me in such a deep and powerful way!  Your book is truly and monumentally life changing!

~Mark, Maine


Get ready for the next

Level 1 Practitioner Online Training in 2024!

Level 1-Training_Brand-HERO_v5_960.jpg

Are you ready to take your spiritual and healing journey to the next level?


We're excited to announce the upcoming Level One Online Training for late Summer of 2024, designed to deepen your understanding and experience.

Get on our email list to be notified when we release the dates!

I want to thank you again for the high quality of information and techniques offered in Level 1, it was sooooo rich! I feel blessed and honored to have those new tools and approach to integrate in what I already do energetically speaking :-))))
~Chantal, Canada

Level 1

Practitioner Training

Recommendations and Prerequisites:

  • Completion of the self-guided online course: 

The On-Line
Level 1

Practitioner Training

Course Outline


Resonance Alchemy™ Level 1 is taught as a live on-line class, in segments of 2 hours a week via Zoom for 8 weeks, with an additional 8-10 breakout hours of practice encouraged.  A one-on-one hour long mentoring session with founder and teacher Katherine plus email questions and answers as needed  - and an extensive PDF training manual are all included.


Class times and dates will be announced on the website and in Katherine’s newsletter.


You must have completed the
Resonance Alchemy Foundations:
Unlocking the Power of your Divine Design
on-line self paced class to participate in the Level 1. 
Please see other prerequisites above. 

You will learn:

How to do a complete Resonance Alchemy session, including: 

  • Clearing physical and emotional stress in the energy field

  • Clearing stored trauma and trauma imprinting in the energy field.

  • Clearing virus and bacteria.

  • The Five Elements and how to balance them

  • Clearing and balancing Chakras

  • Clearing and balancing organs and glands

  • Clearing negative emotional states and negative programs.

  • And more!

  • Techniques for clearing, strengthening, and maintaining a strong, vibrant energy field

  • Activating the 12 dimensional energy system for healing and transformation.

  • How to work with the 64 RA Codons, the inner keys to our Divine Design

  • Clearing entities, cording, and other negative outside influences in the energy field

  • Techniques for raising your frequency and accelerating your spiritual evolution


Stay tuned for the exact dates and registration details, which will be revealed shortly. Don't miss out on this opportunity to grow, learn, and connect with your higher essence.

To receive timely updates and be among the first to know about class dates and registration, sign up for our email notifications. We're here to support you every step of the way on your spiritual journey.

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