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Thousands of people have received healing and transformation around the globe from these powerful resonance frequency healing techniques.

These are some of the most

common questions we

receive about RA.

Frequently asked questions

  • Who would most benefit from a Resonance Alchemy session?
    Just about anyone can benefit from Resonance Alchemy. For the healthy person it’s great for stress reduction and prevention of future problems. It’s great for pregnant women who are having any difficulties or discomfort, and it can even be used to balance babies in utero. It is a wonderful way to assist the healing and balancing of infants and children of any age, and can assist in any number of both health and emotional problems for children. It can assist the body to heal most minor health complaints, and is very helpful in conjunction with other therapies for just about any serious disease condition. It is also very helpful in treating animals, especially dogs, cats and horses. Individuals with a diagnosed psychiatric disorder should consult their doctor before seeking this type of treatment.
  • You mention that you have the ability to treat problems related to physical, mental and emotional health. Is the Resonance Alchemy procedure different depending on what you are treating?"
    No. The procedure is relatively the same regardless of what I am treating. The only exception is when clients have musculoskeletal problems such as back or neck pain. In these cases, I am able to do some hands-on soft tissue alignment as well as energy healing, based on my background as a certified massage therapist.
  • Can you describe what goes on in a typical Resonance Alchemy healing session?
    First, I talk with clients about problems they are having and what they hope to get out of the session. Although I do get a lot of information intuitively, a short discussion helps the client focus on what they want me to address. It’s important to set priorities, as people often have a variety of issues. Then, with clothing on, clients lie comfortably on my table. Next, I tune in to the client’s energy fields and begin to “read” their energy systems. While my left hand rests gently on the client’s body, I silently ask questions of the person’s energy systems, using a common muscle testing technique to determine what is out of balance. This method of testing the body’s energy systems, a form of applied kinesiology, is used in many different body work disciplines. Using my index and middle fingers, I test the relative strength or weakness of my index finger, which gives me a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ indicator in answer to specific questions. A strong response to resistance indicates a yes answer, while a weak response indicates no. This method is a simple way for the practitioner to focus their intuition and allow their subconscious mind to give them the information they need about the clients energy system. (This method is similar to the use of a pendulum which, when suspended over the body, will move in various directions to give the operator yes and no indications.) When I find an area of the client’s body or psyche that the muscle testing has indicated is out of balance, I open the field by tapping softly nine times on the specific point on the body which corresponds to that organ, chakra or emotion. Once the field is open, I balance the energy field by gently holding two points: just below the navel and at the top of the forehead. While holding these points, I silently repeat a series of syllables. These syllables create a higher vibrational frequency, which has a direct effect on the energy field, and brings it back into balance. This takes just a few minutes, and then I repeat the process to treat other energy imbalances that are contributing to the ailment. (Each condition has lots of different components. Just balancing one field does not resolve the condition.) The client’s energy systems will indicate when the session is complete, generally 60 to 90 minutes. To finish the session I hold the person’s feet and do a silent ritual to disconnect and close the energy field. I ask the client to get up slowly, and talk to them about what I found and what I worked on during the session.
  • Do you talk during your sessions?
    I work silently, and this allows people to fall into a deeply relaxed state. But it’s fine for clients to ask questions or make relevant comments during the session.
  • How long are your sessions?
    At least one hour and up to 90 minutes, depending on the complexity of the condition.
  • How long will it be before clients see results?
    Some clients see results immediately. For example, if someone has occasional neck or back pain, is experiencing an emotional upset, or is beginning to get a cold or flu, these kinds of problems can be easily cleared in just one session. But for people with chronic conditions, dramatic results will take a series of sessions. In these cases I generally suggest what I call an Energy Makeover: 10 weeks of once-per-week sessions. In most cases, this will be enough.
  • What can I expect to feel after my first session?
    Immediately afterward, people tend to feel a little spaced-out, like waking from a deep sleep. After that, most people feel very relaxed. For some, this relaxed feeling could last for hours and for others, days. Clients report feeling more centered, more like themselves, and often say they feel “like a new person.” They always leave feeling better. In rare cases, people may experience a slight exaggeration of the symptoms they came to fix. For example, clients suffering from pain might discover it will feel slightly aggravated before it starts to get better. The same goes for emotions; old feelings may come up as part of the clearing process. This is because the body systems are “detoxing.”
  • Is there a recovery period after a session?
    Not really, but I do recommend having a few hours of rest and relaxation after the session. This can be difficult with people’s busy lives, but for the maximum effects, resting is best. The body will generally continue its healing process for a few days afterwards.
  • What is required of clients prior to or during a session?
    Because it is important to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible during the session, I suggest that clients don’t eat a big meal beforehand and that they wear loose, comfortable clothing. It’s also good to have plenty of time, and not be in a rush. The client plays a significant part in the healing process, so openness to change, motivation to heal and willingness to become aware of dysfunctional patterns are very important.
  • Are any of your clients pursuing treatments from doctors or other practitioners?
    Yes, often they are, depending on their needs. If a client is dealing with any kind of serious or life threatening condition, I will make sure they are doing other complimentary therapies and seeing a medical doctor. I have worked very successfully with clients with cancer, for instance, who have chosen to combine my treatments with traditional chemotherapy and nutritional therapy. Also I recommend anyone with deep psychological issues also see a Psychologist or psychotherapist. My work can make whatever other therapies someone is doing more effective, and speed up the healing process.
  • Will Resonance Alchemy work on people who do not consider themselves spiritual?
    Yes. It doesn’t matter if people consider themselves spiritual or not. There is a spiritual component on my end, but Resonance Alchemy is a science. It’s a science that we don’t know a lot about, but it follows definite laws and can be explained by different aspects of physics. People only need to be open to the idea that they can be healed through this method.
  • Why should someone choose this energy healing method over another healing modality?
    I can’t say why it would be better than another method, but I can tell you the strengths that this system of energy healing has. I often have success with clients who have tried other allopathic and alternative therapies that have not helped them. With this method, I have the ability to be very specific to what is causing certain conditions. The more specific you can be, the better and more complete the healing response will be. This method reveals what needs to be treated in the body, and it works on physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual levels. Even if an ailment is something I’ve dealt with before, the underlying causes are different in each individual. Resonance Alchemy allows me to discover and clear those causes. Also, my method is gentle and safe, while still being very effective. Resonance Alchemy is able to safely access very deep levels of energy fields that other methods cannot.
  • Is the process ever painful or harmful?
    No. No one I have treated has experienced any negative repercussions. Part of the reason for that is that I am always asking the body systems what the priority is and what the person is ready for. I’m never forcing anything on the body or the psyche that they aren’t ready to deal with.
  • Is there anything a person can do at home to boost the effects?
    This varies depending on the condition. Sometimes I’ll recommend supplements or a change in diet. For certain emotional issues I may recommend flower essences. If people are interested in meditating, I will encourage them to do that and teach them some effective techniques. But there is nothing you have to do. The treatment is still effective without additional efforts.
  • Can people perform this energy healing on themselves?
    Yes, this is a system of healing that can be done very effectively on yourself, but training is necessary. I can teach people a few simple things to do at home, which are effective for specific conditions. But the system as a whole is complex, so I recommend taking my classes to really learn the techniques. It doesn’t take any particular skill or abilities with energy, just a willingness to learn.
  • Are you the only one in the Denver metro area who practices Resonance Alchemy?
    As the developer of Resonance Alchemy, there are a number of people in the area who have taken my classes, and currently a few of my students are offering Resonance Alchemy sessions to their clients. My goal is to teach others so they can open their own practices in the future, or use the techniques in their existing practice.
  • How much do your sessions cost?
    Please see the Private Sessions page for current pricing.
  • Is this energy healing meant to be ongoing therapy?
    It certainly can be, depending on the person and the conditions. I do have clients that I work with on an ongoing basis. Some are working on stubborn issues, and others benefit from regular sessions as a preventative measure to stay healthy. You don’t have to have something big going on to benefit from it.
  • Is it similar to any other, more common healing methods?"
    The specifics of Resonance Alchemy are totally unique; however, it shares the underlying philosophy of all natural and holistic healing methods, which are based on the understanding that the body is designed to heal itself, and will do so, given the resources and assistance that are needed. I often tell people it’s like acupuncture without needles. As with acupuncture, specific points on the body are treated to clear blocked energy and stimulate the flow of Chi, although the points I use are different from traditional acupuncture points. It also uses principles similar to Reiki, in that the practitioner is focusing and amplifying Universal Life Force energy. Like homeopathy, it works with subtle levels of information and vibration to stimulate a healing response. And similarly to chiropractic, it energetically corrects spinal misalignment, which can often be the cause of pain and dysfunction.
  • What are the most common problems you address?
    Musculoskeletal issues such as neck and back pain, hormone imbalances, allergies, stress, anxiety and depression and relationship issues are probably the most common reasons people seek out my healing work. I also do a lot of clearing of unusual negative energies someone may be experiencing. I don’t think of my work as about addressing specific problems, however, but as treating the whole person.
  • What resources you can recommend for more information on energy healing?
    The Field by Lynn McTaggart, Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan; and any books by Carolyn Myss and Donna Eden. Also, of course, my book, Resonance Alchemy: Awakening the Tree of Llife.
  • You have the ability to perform energy healing without being in the same location as your clients. How does this work?
    Remote healing can be a difficult concept for some people, but it works just as well as in-person sessions. It is well known in quantum physics that energy, vibrational frequency and consciousness work at a level not affected by space and distance. Before working with a new client at a distance I ask them to send me a photograph and to give me some other basic information, such as date of birth. also can tell a lot about clients by listening to their voices. Clients call me at the pre-arranged appointment time. I ask them to lay down in their bedrooms or somewhere they can be relaxed and comfortable. I sit down in a chair, and go into a meditative state in order to visualize the client and tune into the person’s energy. Then I conduct the same muscle testing and energy field opening and balancing methods (described in question #2), while visualizing the client. Doing this takes more concentrated focus, but it is effective. I’ve done hundreds of long distance sessions, and have a number of clients I work with regularly whom I’ve never met in person.
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