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I'm taking a sabbatical ...
but I'll be back!

I'm taking a few months off for some needed self care, and to create some new and updated class offerings featuring the latest Resonance Alchemy developments and upgrades!

If you want to be put on the waiting list for new private session appointments, new class offerings, and/or announcements for my new book, please sign up below. 

For upcoming Level 1 Trainings–click here, or the button below.

If you are in need of a session right away, I highly recommend the R.A. practitioners listed here below.

I wish you peace and abundance on your journey in the meantime. See you soon!

Waiting List 
Resonance Alchemy Sessions with Katherine

Please sign up if you'd like to be notified of session availability when Katherine comes off sabbatical in spring of 2024

Thanks for signing up
for Katherine's waiting list!

Resonance Practitioners

Here is a list of Resonance Alchemy practioners who may have time to work with you during my sabbaticcal:



RA Practitioner

Dheepa is an Intuitive Guide and Resonance Alchemy Healer. She offers mentoring support for those on their spiritual and ascension journey, seeking a new way to live life with soul aligned purpose and holistic wellbeing. Dheepa offers remote healing sessions, intuitively guided one-one sessions, monthly group workshops and support groups.  


Her love for creative expression, healing and personal empowerment practices have been informed by her training and initiations through:

  • Resonance Alchemy,

  • Divine Feminine centred creative and intuitive practices,

  • Co-Counselling,

  • The Sophia Code,

  • Reiki,

  • and other quantum-psychology and ascension-based modalities.  

Dheepa’s prayer is to be in service to the Divine Mother, which feeds and informs her work for birthing a new life in the dawning of this new age.



RA Practitioner

Jenn is a gifted luminary, catalyst, and alchemist who acts as a trusted companion to guide curious, sincere seekers on a journey through their unexplored inner landscape. Through the perfect combination of frequency medicine, somatic practices, and subconscious work, a client achieves an optimal balance of their nervous system, clears stress, anxiety, and trauma, and anchors more peace, harmony, and balance as blocked energy is shifted with sound and light. 


Jenn offers the modalities of:

  • Resonance Alchemy,

  • LaHo-Chi Energy,

  • Quantum Energy Coaching,

  • RASHA in one-on-one, group, and retreat settings, either online or in person.


808 491-8126



RA Practioner

After studying and practicing with Katherine Parker—the visionary originator of Resonance Alchemy—for five years, Eniko is a certified practitioner with a private practice. 

Eniko enjoys witnessing the correlation of physical, emotional and spiritual healing and transforming the subconscious patterns at the root of physical and emotional issues. 

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