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Changing Our Perspective

There is no question that this is a very challenging time for all of us, but also one of great possibilities for individual and planetary healing, transformation and awakening. I feel so grateful to have the Resonance Alchemy work in this time, and to be able to share these powerful tools with so many. This is the time we have been preparing for, a time when we must all do our best to embody and live from the higher truth of our being, to be the change we want to see in the world. One of the gifts and challenges of awakening, and one our current world situation is calling out in us, has to do with making a radical shift in our perspective. As you have no doubt noticed, a thing can look very different when looked at from different angles, different perspectives. In our current climate of extreme polarization, where competing claims of truth are being thrown around with abandon and even facts are suspect, we are all asking, what is the truth? How are we to know what to believe, and more importantly, what to act upon? In my view, the key to sorting this out for ourselves is to look at what perspective someone is coming from. What is the lens through which they are looking at the world? In the simplest way of stating it, is it a lens of love, or of fear? What perspective are you seeing from, and what perspective is going to give you the greatest understanding of a situation? While I believe there is a higher truth, it exists within the higher consciousness of each of us, and any other truth can only be seen as relative, based on a particular and necessarily limited perspective. A great way to understand perspective is to imagine the view from a high rise building. If you are looking out from the first or second floor, you will most likely see only the street and the building in front of you. The higher you go in the building, the more you will be able to see the bigger picture. What other buildings are you now able to see? Where are you in relation to everything that surrounds you? When you look out from the top floor, you can see how where you are fits into the larger whole of the town or city. Your view has gone from limited to expansive, from seeing only a few possibilities, to seeing many. It is the same location, same building, but the ‘truth’ from the ground floor is very different from the ‘truth’ you see when looking from the top floor. As many things we thought were solid and true seem to be challenged and are even dissolving in front of our eyes, we are being given the opportunity to shift our focus, to begin to see things from the perspective of the larger whole, the bigger picture. But how do we do that, and what does that really mean? We have been hearing and talking so much about ASCENSION and many of you are experiencing not only the higher energies coming in, but the shifts in consciousness that these energies bring. And yet there has also been a lot of confusion about what ascension really means. One way I understand the ascension process now taking place on the planet is to see it as an energetic support and push from the cosmos, inviting us and assisting us to take the elevator up to the higher floors of the high rise building that is our multidimensional energy system, to begin to perceive reality from that perspective. When we are focused on physical reality, what we call our 3rd dimensional reality, things can look very limited indeed, just like the ground floor of the high rise building. But we are being shown at this time that our consciousness and our energy system is multidimensional, and has many higher levels and dimensions and many possible perspectives to explore. When I first was given the Resonance Alchemy system of healing by higher dimensional light beings, I was shown 9 levels or dimensions to our energy system. That was a huge shift in my perspective which allowed me a much more expansive view of what it is to be a human being. Now we are working with 13 dimensions, and the view has expanded even more! From the lower dimensions, limitations and separation are the focus of our consciousness. But as we awaken to the higher dimensions of our being, we raise in vibrational frequency and begin to see things from the perspective of the greater whole. Just like the view from the high rise building, we can now see how disparate things are related to one another, and how all of the parts that seem to be separate and in opposition fit into a larger working whole. We are able to perceive a greater unity that enfolds and includes all the individual pieces. Very much like putting mysterious puzzle pieces together to form a beautiful picture. This higher perspective allows us a greater clarity, as well as a greater compassion for those in a more limited perspective. It also allows us to find a true inner freedom from perceived limitations and entanglements that seem rock solid and very real from the perspective of the lower dimensions. As we raise our frequency, release old trauma imprinting and limiting and negative programming and beliefs, our focus can shift to unification rather than division. We open ourselves to this radical shift in perspective that allows for greater discernment of agendas that are self-serving, divisive, and not in resonance with the higher truth of our being. We ultimately see that the blockages and obscurations that so effectively grab our consciousness and keep us locked in to fear, separation and polarity do not have any inherent reality but dissolve in the light of higher truth, of our divine nature. We see that this divine nature unifies opposites and embraces the wholeness of spirit and matter, male and female, dark and light. It is the nature of what we call Love. The lower levels are not ignored or forgotten, as they are the very important foundation of the building. But they are put into a different perspective that allow us to be less reactive and plugged in to the challenges and limitations that often arise at those foundational levels. Holding this higher perspective does not mean that we are passive in the world, but that we act from an inward knowledge of right alignment with our higher purpose, and the higher potential of the greater whole. It allows us the freedom to let go of what we have known, trusting that what we move into, individually and collectively, is a greater, more whole and more healthy version of ourselves, because that is what we are choosing and upholding within our own consciousness. Through continued guidance and in concert with the higher energies coming in to the planet at this time, the Resonance Alchemy work itself is making this shift in perspective, supporting and facilitating us to do the same. The new syllables coming in, as well as new ways of working with the energy system, are upholding a powerful wave of unification energy that is offering us the opportunity to step into this greater awareness of unity, of oneness, and to integrate this consciousness into our embodiment, our choices and our way of living. When we make this shift we find that everything really does look different. Our old identifications with separation and limitation no longer hook us, and we see ourselves and our reality with new eyes, eyes that can perceive without the blinders of separation and polarity. The sacred syllables that we use in the RA work are powerful vibrational carrier waves that evoke the frequencies of great new possibilities unfolding through a unified and multidimensional field that supports our higher truth and divine alignment. The syllables below, when focused on and repeated silently in meditation, can assist us in letting go of old ways of seeing, shifting our perception to a higher, more unified view of ourselves and the world.

KRI AM A'LA'TUR DWAL OK the divine elixir and gem of higher perception that shifts the perceiver, giving us 'new eyes'

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