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One Heart One Love

What has your heart been communicating to you this month? Have you been paying attention?

As I write this we are now well into the sign of Leo, ruled by the energy of the Sun. The Sun's archetypal influence is very much about our Self Expression and Sovereignty, and the Sun and the Leo energy have been associated with rulership and royalty for thousands of years, going back to ancient Egypt.  But Leo and the sun archetype also bring us directly into the heart, for as the sun is the center and heart of the Solar System, so the heart is truly the energetic center of our being.

As you may know, this is also a very special time of year for another reason, the celestial alignment known as the "Lions Gate." This is a powerful alignment of the earth and sun in the sign of Leo with the Star Sirius, the brightest star in the sky and often called the spiritual sun.  This yearly alignment goes from late July to August 12th, but is strongest on 8:8. This celestial gateway has been celebrated since ancient Egyptian times as a strong portal bringing high vibrational energy into the earth, a time of increased opportunity for manifestation and spiritualization of consciousness.  And after this alignment (now) is the time to fully embody and bring these higher energies into our daily lives.  

A few years ago I was blessed during this time of year by a visitation from two spirit guides that were Lion Beings from the Star Sirius.  The Sirian Lion Beings are higher dimensional light beings that embody the codes and energies of Christ Consciousness, Sovereignty and Divine Love.  They brought in a series of sacred syllables and meditations that focus strongly on the Heart, and conveyed to me how through our own human hearts we can connect in with the Cosmic Heart of Creation.  I have worked with and taught these syllables and meditations for a few years now, and find them to be increasingly powerful for assisting us to fully embody our higher plasma light body energies.  

This year during the Lions Gate as I tuned in to my heart field and began woking with some of these syllables, I had the powerful experience of direct knowing that the open and expanded heart field is the ultimate unified field, for in this field we are connected to all other heart fields, to the heart of the sun and to what is called the Central Sun, the Cosmic Heart of all Creation.  There is really only one heart, as all hearts are One, in this unified field.  And the nature of this field is purely Christed Love, the nature of the Divine.   We each carry and are able to connect with this Divine Love within our hearts, and in doing so enter into that unified field where all hearts connect, and human and divine are One. 

While this month is an especially powerful time to focus on the heart, it is always important to do whatever we can to connect with and open our hearts to the deeper reality of unity and love they hold.  Many of the sacred syllables we use in Resonance Alchemy assist us to do this, but the syllables below are especially powerful for activating the higher dimensions of the heart field and bringing us into that experience of unity and Divine Love.  Literally they create the frequencies of 'becoming coherent with the Diamond-Christed Heart of Creation.'  I invite you to take a few minutes of quiet time every day to repeat these syllables silently while breathing into and focusing on your heart area.  


You may just begin to glow! And the paradox of opening the heart and living from that deeper heart connection is that the more we open the heart to that universal experience of Unity and Love, the more we also love ourselves.  In that deeper love that includes self and other we become Sovereign in our own beings, Masters of our selves and able to fully express our own unique essence and being in the world, in a powerful and loving way. 

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