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Banishing Your Inner Demons

It goes without saying that the world is presenting us with many major challenges at this time, as well as many unprecedented opportunities. How do we remain open and fully receptive to the opportunities without being overcome by all the challenges, both personal and collective? More than that, how do we open space in our busy and distracted lives to take full advantage of the amazing openings and opportunities for personal growth, transformation and evolution that are available to us now? As highly sensitive and empathetic beings, how do we not get overwhelmed by the suffering, negativity, hatred and sheer insanity around us?

While I don’t believe there is an easy answer to this, it is a crucial question we must ask, and a worthy aspiration which can guide us through the maze of confusing alternatives. What I observe, both in myself and in others that I work with, is that our biggest obstacles are not outer circumstances, whatever they may be, but our unconscious and subconscious reactions to those circumstances.

In many cases, our grief, anger, rage, depression or even sense of overwhelm seems not only justified but also, if we examine it, in full agreement with our beliefs about who we are, and who and what the “other” is we are reacting to. “Of course we feel this way,” we say to ourselves. Our justifications all line up and strengthen our reaction, and we find ourselves deep in whatever state our reactions have created. From this place we may seek answers, or ways to create change from outside of ourselves, but we still are not getting to the root of the issue. However much we may desire to be of service, from a place of reaction we can be of little real benefit. We can be sensitive and empathetic without being reactive, but we often confuse the two.

This can be especially true when we are on the verge of a big shift in perspective, a shift into an entirely new way of being and perceiving. The ‘demons’ that arise, in the form of old unconscious beliefs and thought patterns, are comfortingly familiar and very persuasive. We feel that this is how it is, ‘the truth of the matter’ and we can hardly imagine it to be otherwise.

But if we go inside and begin looking at the pattern, we will find our perspective is being colored by many layers of obscurations in the form of false beliefs about ourselves and our reality. These have been laid down throughout our life and lifetimes by our experiences, especially of a traumatic nature, by our family of origin, and by our social interactions and the culture at large.

Sometimes we get a glimpse of a different reality, and if we listen, we will hear an inner voice or knowing that affirms these obscurations are not who we truly are. But how do we banish these inner demons of negativity and see ourselves and reality as they truly are? How do we live from this place of knowing our true nature, of experiencing our unlimited divine potential?

The first step is to see the inner demons that arise in our consciousness for what they are, in the moment and to not get immediately taken in by their allure. Sometimes it is the allure of the easy and familiar. Other times it might be the power of an overwhelming anxiety or fear that shakes us to the core. Or a deep pit of depression. However convincing it may be, we must take the step of recognizing that this is an automatic subconscious or unconscious reaction that has a root cause in the past and does not arise from who we truly are. In other words, it can be shifted, transformed, and ultimately eradicated by the higher truth of our divine selves.

You have undoubtedly heard the phrase, “Don’t believe everything you think.” This is excellent advice, as we are too often taken in by our inner dialogue and even by what we consider our rational thought process, which may not be as objective as we believe. We can add to this, “Don’t believe everything you feel,” as our emotions, while they are important to be aware of and can tell us a great deal, can just as easily bog us down in negative reactive patterns. If we take a step back and just observe our thoughts and feelings from a neutral perspective, instead of immediately being taken in by them, this neutral ‘space’ allows us to be open to other ways of perceiving and other wiser aspects of our being. We can then dig deeper, and begin to clear whatever obscurations are blocking the deeper light within, the wisdom and truth of our own Divine Beingness.

Resonance Alchemy offers us a powerful toolbox to use in this process, both for accessing the deeper layers that are keeping us stuck in negative reaction and for creating a direct connection and activation of the deeper wisdom, light and love of the divine essence within. The Kum Vita sacred syllables resonate with our innermost divine being, and assist us in dispelling the limiting energy of false beliefs and automatic unconscious patterns. They remind us of who we truly are and activate the deeper wisdom of the divine blueprint within.

While all of the syllables do this in their own way, one of the go-to sets of syllables you can always call on for clearing negativity and dispelling your inner demons is KRI AM A’LA’TUR KA BA LA. These syllables evoke the Sacred Union of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine in a powerful synergy of truth, wisdom and love, and serve to bring us back to that higher neutral center that allows us to be the calm center within the storms life brings us.

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