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What is Vibrational Healing? - Part 2

So what causes our energy fields to get out of balance?  Pathogens and toxins are important factors, as well as diet, nutrition, and unhealthy lifestyle choices.  But there are a number of other factors that can create imbalance and disharmony in our systems.

From a vibrational perspective we see that we are not just separate physical entities but part of a much larger whole that includes our thoughts and emotions, our relationships, our environment, the planet we live on and our alignment with the higher dimensions of spirit.  All these factors can and do have an impact on the balance and coherence of our vibrational fields.

Ongoing and unresolved stress plays a major role in disrupting our energy field, as does physical and emotional trauma, negative emotions and beliefs, harmful electromagnetic fields, living in a disharmonious environment and overstimulation by electronic media. We are even affected by the larger changes in vibration and frequency our planet is now going through.

The human energy field is not just one thing, but is made up of fields within fields.  Our strongest and largest single field is the electromagnetic field generated by the heart, and this field has a very strong impact on all of our other fields.  This field is, needless to say, most affected by our emotions, and this is why our emotional state can have such a strong impact on our overall health.  From a quantum energy perspective a strong negative emotion can and often does cause an actual reversal in the polarity and the spin of the heart field.  If this is not corrected it will tend to continue and begin to cause negative changes in the heart organ itself.  On the other hand a strong positive emotional state creates greater coherence in our heart field and overall energy field.  When we are coherent it means all our individual fields are in communication with one another, and all are in harmony and working together, like a well tuned orchestra.  The more coherent our fields, the more energy we have and the better we feel and function, physically, emotionally and mentally.

In a Resonance Alchemy healing session I work with the higher vibrational frequencies of love, light and oneness to bring all aspects of your energy field into the greatest possible balance, attunement and coherence.  This allows full communication to be restored in your energy pathways, interference and static are eliminated, and your energy system is able to function with the full intelligence it was designed with.  Your vibrational orchestra can now produce the beautiful music of healing, radiant energy and wholeness, and the sense of joy and aliveness that is our natural state.

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