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What is the Tree of Life?

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

The Tree of Life represents a way of perceiving reality based on Unity, as opposed to; The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, which represents a way of perceiving reality based on Separation.

Many ancient traditions have used the Tree of Life as a symbol and representation of Unity Consciousness, a higher state of awareness that perceives the fundamental truth of Unity which underlies the apparent reality of separation. Some of these traditions are: Essene – Jewish – Shamanic/Indigenous – Alchemical

What is the Perception of Unity? The perception of Unity is a higher state of awareness which enables us to balance, harmonize and ultimately transcend the Dual nature of manifestation.  This includes the duality of:

  • Masculine and Feminine

  • Spirit and Matter

  • Self and Other

  • Mind and Body

  • Yin and Yang

  • Active and Passive

A perception of unity is made possible when the right and left hemispheres of the brain are balanced, and higher brain functions are activated, including the pineal gland. In this higher state of awareness duality is still present, but is balanced and transcended by a third element or force which is neutral in polarity.  This third element is Higher Mind, which is rooted in the consciousness of Love, the all pervading Presence of Oneness, which manifests as the Life Force in all living things.

In the Jewish Kabbala, this third force is represented by the presence of the Middle Pillar, in the Kabbalistic diagram of the Tree of Life.

In the Hermetic alchemical tradition, it is represented by the Staff of Hermes, which unites  the two serpents in the alchemical Caduceus. 

Tree of Life consciousness is represented in the alchemical dictum: As above, so below.  It is also expressed in the Biblical prayer “On earth as it is in Heaven”

Sacred Language is an expression of the Tree of Life.  It describes and evokes the reality of Unity, the higher dimensions of existence, not the reality of separation, which is based primarily on three dimensional sensory experience.  The sacred syllables used in Resonance Alchemy are a universal language of spirit which arise from the Tree of Life.

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