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Private Sessions with Katherine Parker can be done at a distance, by arranged appointment, or in person at her comfortable Broomfield Colorado location.


Sessions are deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. Results and changes are often noticed immediately. Deep-seated and chronic problems generally take a series of sessions to fully resolve.


In-person sessions are conducted while you rest comfortably on a massage table (usually fully clothed). At-a-distance sessions begin and end with a short phone consultation with Katherine, and are performed while you rest quietly at home.


Your treatment will always begin with a brief consultation to discuss your situation, needs, expectations, and any specific issues that are troubling you. Katherine will tune in to your energy fields, and using a simple form of muscle testing or kinesiology, will determine which areas of your energy system are out of balance and what your system’s priorities are for healing.


    During the session, Katherine will gently tap a series of master points on your body in order to access specific fields of energy that need to be balanced. (It’s a bit like when you click on a folder to open a file on your computer!) Katherine then uses resonance frequency healing techniques of thought, energy and intention to balance your energy fields, assisting your own ’inner healer’ to restore equilibrium and harmony to all your energetic systems.


    After the session, she will share her findings about areas that were out of balance. She may suggest nutritional or other remedies that will support and assist your healing process.


    For treatment of chronic, long-standing conditions Katherine recommends the 10 session package, the Energy Makeover, to best address your needs.


    An RA Session Package makes a great gift! Want this product as a Gift Certificate? After Checkout Katherine will be in touch to be able to provide this package as a Gift Certificate to that deserving person in your life.

    Resonance Alchemy - Ten - 90 minute Healing Sessions

    • Get the most out of your transformation and awakening.

      SAVE $350 over buying single sessions.

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