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What is Vibrational Healing? - Part 1

“Know that all strength, all healing of every nature is the changing of vibrations from within, the attuning of the divine within the living tissue of the body to Creative Energies.  This alone is healing….it is the attuning of the atomic structure of the living cellular force to it’s spiritual heritage.”  Edgar Cayce

Vibrational Medicine has been called by many natural health pioneers the medicine of the 21st century.  Many different types of energy medicine now use the principles of vibration and frequency to read imbalances in the body, and treat those imbalances, even identifying the frequencies of specific pathogens and toxins.  We are seeing many new technologies based on the fact that everything has its own vibrational frequency.  From this perspective, disease can be defined as a condition in which specific vibrational fields in the body become unbalanced, or out of tune, in much the same way that a musical instrument gets out of tune, producing disharmony instead of harmony.

Vibrational or energy healing understands health and disease from a very different model than that of Western medicine.  Traditional allopathic medicine sees the body and the human being primarily as a complex bundle of chemical actions and reactions. This is, of course, part of the picture, but both a spiritual perspective and the perspective of quantum physics tells us that we are much more that just a bundle of chemical reactions.  From the viewpoint of quantum physics we are a complex alignment of electromagnetic and quantum fields, whose main components are energy oscillations, or waves, and information, which is carried by those waves. Our electromagnetic fields have a positive and negative polarity, just as the earth’s electromagnetic field does.  And on a subatomic level, our energy fields also have the property of spin, which is why we see the energy centers  known as the chakras as spinning vortices of energy.  It has even been found that the cells actually emit particles of light, which scientists now believe transmits information through the body.  In other words, we could say from this perspective that we are not solid matter at all, but complex interactions of energy and information, which is the nature of vibration.

Our physical body becomes ill, then, when our flow of energy and information is blocked or disturbed in some way.  This causes our vibrational fields to get out of tune with their original vibrational blue-print.  After a while this begins to cause disruptions in both our mental and emotional state and in the functioning of our physical organs, glands and systems.  Conversely, when our vibrational fields are brought back into balance and harmony, this has an immediate impact on the functioning of the physical body and on our thoughts and emotions, which naturally become more positive.

There are many ways of working with the vibrational fields of the body for healing.  The most time-tested of these is Homeopathy, which uses specific remedies that are so diluted they work purely at a vibrational level, conveying information which informs the bodies natural healing intelligence to assist in bring the frequencies of the body back into healthy balance. Building on the success of Homeopathy and older methods of understanding vibration and energy in the body such as Acupuncture, many new frequency healing technologies are now being developed.

But while these new information machines do a wonderful job at reading the frequencies of the body, and even the emotions, the same kinds of information, and much more, can be read intuitively by someone trained in the skills of vibrational energy healing.  While we don’t often think about it, we humans are both frequency receivers and frequency transmitters.  Most often we are not aware of the vast amounts of information we are both receiving from ourselves and others, and transmitting, with our thoughts, emotions and even beliefs.  We can learn how to receive and read the vibrational information being transmitted by a persons energy field, and quickly determine which aspects of the energy field are out of tune, blocked or disturbed.

In a Resonance Alchemy healing session, then, I read your bodies vibrational information, focusing on your bodies larger electromagnetic fields, the chakras, the meridians and the energy fields of mind, emotions and soul.  I am also able to read your higher energy bodies, and how past lives, karmic patterns and the like are affecting your alignment with the frequencies of your higher self.  In other words, I’m reading you as a whole person.  All of this information is part of your overall energy field and can be picked up and understood by my energy field.  Your field and my field can have an energetic conversation, and together we can determine what the priorities are for healing.  I use a form of muscle testing to more accurately read what your field is telling me, along with other subtle sense perceptions such as direct knowing/seeing and empathic abilities.

When I identify aspects of your energy field that are out of tune I activate powerful healing frequencies within my own thought fields using sacred healing syllables that act just like a tuning fork, working through the principal of mental resonance to retune your energy fields to the higher frequencies they are designed to resonate with.  Your body is then able to do what it was designed to do, that is, to heal itself.

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