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What is Ascension?

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Most simply, Ascension is Living at a higher Frequency.

The frequency of the planet is raising, and humanity along with it.  But raising frequency means shifting into a new perspective, the perspective of Unity.

In the higher dimensions of reality 5th, 6th, and above, there is no separation between matter, energy, and spirit.  A kind of paradox exists, between personal sovereignty and freedom on one hand, and being one with everything on the other.  We are free to be fully ourselves, as we were created to be.  A unique reflection of the divine. But in this state, we know we are not separate from the source consciousness.  We recognize all living things as sacred.  We see the divine in all things.  We see that what is in the highest good of the whole is also what is in the highest good of the part, our unique individuality.

To ascend, the physical body, the soul and mind and the body of light must unify and come into full coherence.  It is the true meaning of the sacred marriage.  We do not transcend the physical, or leave our 3D manifestation.  Our consciousness integrates and embraces all our multidimensional nature.  Then many veils of separation and duality are cleared, and we see the higher truth if our existence.

This ascension is a part of our divine design, built in to our blueprint and a part of our DNA potential.  It is who we truly are, so we are simply activating a deeper truth of our being that is already there.  This truth is being blocked from our consciousness by many layers of programming, fale beliefs and identities, and strong separation imprints from lives lived perceiving only the reality of separation.  All of this can now be cleared, just like clouds which cover the sun.  When the obstructions are cleared and the sacred inner coders activated, we will naturally move into what we call the ascension.

It is a joy, it is an opportunity, is is a grace filled blessing to accept when we are ready, and in the timing that is right for us as individual souls within the greater world soul.  There is no right or wrong in this, no good or bad, only an invitation, and a gift waiting to be opened.

The codes we have made available in the sacred language if KUM VITA are designed to activate and awaken dormant aspects of your DNA, like keys will open certain locked rooms.  The way to these rooms may need to be cleared out, so you can freely inhabit them.  It is an invitation to expand your living pace, to realize you are much bigger that you believed.  The doors have been locked until now.

The light is there, waiting to be let in.

Infinite Blessings!

channeled by Katherine

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