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The Sacred Language of Resonance Alchemy

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

The healing and meditation techniques of Resonance Alchemy are based on a revealed Sacred Language, a Universal Language of Spirit that has its roots in a time before remembering. This universal seed language is known as Kum Vita, which translates as the womb/ language of life. As is true of the worlds many known sacred languages, the syllables of Kum Vita are not descriptive, but evocative, designed to call forth spiritual and higher dimensional realities.

Kri Lei Amma
Kri Lei Amma, the frequency of Unconditional Love, the Love of the Awakened or Christed Soul, Union of Spirit and Matter

WHAT IS SACRED LANGUAGE? -A sacred language communicates aspects of a spiritual or unitive reality. It is not meant to describe this higher reality, but rather to evoke this reality in one's consciousness. -Sacred language is the language of revelation, a means through which Divine Mind can communicate on a direct vibrational level with the human mind. -The letters and syllables of a sacred language comprise a higher dimensional vibrational code, as each letter and syllable has its own inherent vibrational signature.  -The letters and syllables of a sacred language have creative and evocative power. -The syllables of a true sacred language are like seeds of energy and information that contain the vibrational signature of the spiritual reality they represent.

A WORD ON OTHER SACRED LANGUAGES Many ancient high cultures had a sacred language as well as a mundane one. Sanskrit is perhaps the best known to us, but the ancient Egyptians, the Hebrew and the Maya among others had sacred languages, words and syllables reserved for communicating and evoking the subtle realities of the spiritual world.

A wonderful passage in the Hermetica, attributed to the ancient Egyptian sage and alchemist Hermes Trismegistus, describes the Egyptian sacred language thus; “the very sound of an Egyptian word resonates with the thing signified by it…Our Egyptian speech is more than talk. It’s utterances are replete with power.”

Similarly, ancient Sanskrit was considered by the Vedic sages to be the language of divine revelation.  In early Vedic thought the word ‘vac’, meaning speech, voice and word, was considered a creative power. It was the Divine Word, the “mother of the gods”, the force that creates, maintains and upholds the universe. It was at the same time consciousness, breath and vibratory energy.  It’s significance was much the same as the biblical phrase “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the  Word was God.” 

Some sacred languages were spoken out loud. Others, like the ancient Sanskrit Mantras, were not meant to be spoken aloud, but instead repeated mentally. These mantras were understood to operate not through outer sound, which was considered a lower manifestation, but through the subtle vibrations of thought and consciousness itself.

THE SACRED SYLLABLES OF RESONANCE ALCHEMY The sacred syllables used in Resonance Alchemy have been revealed to me directly through Spirit, beginning in 1994. They are a universal sacred language appropriate for our time, a means to assist us in our healing and spiritual evolution as we transition to a new level of consciousness and vibration on this planet, and undergo the major energy shifts that are currently taking place. They are unique as a body of syllables, although some can be recognized as similar to sacred syllables that have been revealed in the past. They are specific to the current needs of humanity as we awaken into a truly galactic consciousness.

They can be spoken, but like their early Sanskrit cousins they convey their vibrational information through thought and intention, not through outer sound, and are most powerful when they are repeated inwardly.  In meditation that can be repeated continuously, or in rhythm with the breath.  In healing work they are most effective when repeated in the specific pattern of 3 repetitions of 8, or sets of 24. 

The syllables of Resonance Alchemy convey a Higher Dimensional Reality. They were identified by a well known psychic and medium to be an Angelic language.  My understanding is that they are predominantly 5th, 6th and 7th dimensional codes.  As such, they can be difficult for the mind to grasp at first.  Their effect is powerful, but subtle, often more subtle than our conscious awareness can grasp.  But we can feel their effects  in the body, the energy system, the mind and the emotions.  If we are ready, they can and will evoke higher states of consciousness when used in meditation.  They also transform negative states and undigested psychic energy, clearing the slate of our consciousness, and bring us into the present moment. They re-mind the body and energy field of it’s divine design, the vibrational blueprint of our True Nature.

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