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The Path of Awakening

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

The path to awakening is filled with ups and downs. One day you are riding high, feeling one with the universe, filled with love for yourself and others, knowing you are connected to Source and All That Is. Just days later, you may have forgotten all of that, as deeper layers of ego, of collective conditioning, of shadow energies in general rise to the surface to be seen, cleared, and released or perhaps accepted and integrated. At these times you may feel all your clearing and releasing, all your efforts towards awakening, all your insights and deeper knowings, have been for naught.

Are you ready to ReAwaken?

Please do not believe this for a minute! As I always say to clients, when you are “in your stuff”, it always feels the same, no matter how much inner work you have done. In those moments all you are seeing and feeling is the “stuff”, the baggage we all carry that is not who we truly are. It can be difficult to realize that what you are experiencing is a molehill, as they say, and not a mountain. It is an old outmoded perspective on reality, a very limited perspective, that is no longer serving you. Our essence, our higher self, our Soul wisdom, is always there, waiting for us to re-member it, to re-member who we truly are.

What to do in these moments when we forget, when we get caught up in some negative feeling or belief? The first thing is to not fight or reject the feelings. These things are much like the old Chinese finger puzzles. You put a finger into each end, and if you pull hard to try to get your fingers out, it simply tightens around your finger, making it impossible to release. But if you relax, loosen the tension, then it is easy to gently remove your finger! So acknowledge, allow, even thank whatever feelings are arising. Allow yourself to feel where they are in your body, and breath into them, as you sense that area of your body.

Everything that arises in our experience, whether we judge it to be positive or negative, has a gift to give us, something we can learn and grow from, be nourished by. This is what is meant in the Lords Prayer by “Give us this day our Daily Bread.” Anything can be our daily bread. Its up to us to extract the nourishment from it. Be curious, rather than judgmental. Where did these feelings come from? Are they trying to tell you something? Do they arise from a deeper imbalance that needs to be addressed? Is this an emotional pattern arising from your inner child, or did you learn it from a parent? The answers to these questions aren’t the most important part. Even just the act of being curious, of allowing and looking at the emotion instead of judging or being identified with the emotion, will begin to free you from it and shift the energy.

Realize you are not your story. Whatever story you are telling yourself about what is going on, i.e. “this person is at fault for what they did to me,” or, “there is something wrong with me that this is happening,” whatever it is, is coming from a limited and false perspective. Do you best to let it go. Put the story aside and don’t let it consume your thought process. Challenge it! Is that really true? Is it always true? Again, creating a distance from the story will allow it to release, and allow space for a deeper truth to emerge.

In my book, Resonance Alchemy: Awakening the Tree of Life, I share an amazing process I call the RA Transformation Process. It is a 7 step process using the sacred syllables that takes about 20 minutes, and is the most powerful way I have found to shift us out of any negative state we are experiencing, and receive and be nourished by the gift of the situation. In other words, to alchemize the lead of the experience, transforming it into inner gold, into an experience of our radiant Being! Remember, everything is energy, and all energy can be transformed with a higher frequency!

Resonant Blessings, Katherine

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