I'll be back...

I'm taking a few months off for some needed self care, and to begin writing a new book on the latest Resonance Alchemy developments and upgrades.


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If you are in need of a session right away, I highly recommend the R.A. practitioner below, who is  taking appointments in my stead.

I wish you peace and abundance on your journey in the meantime. See you soon!

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Resonance Practitioner

Christi sees each person as a unique soul on a divine journey.  She offers energy healing and intuitive sessions to help heal on all levels, release old patterns, and to open the potential for greater well-being.  She has been working with Katherine and practicing Resonance Alchemy for many years.


She can be reached at (303) 579-7723 or christibernat@gmail.com
Her website is www.soulmirror.net